CAD in Isolation – Coping with Hard Times


     BIld av Myriam Zilles från Pixabay 

     This time that we are going through is very difficult for all of us. But we can always find good things.

     One of them is now the factories are closed, so we produce lots of less pollution to the atmosphere.

    Now I will talk about teaching. In my opinion, having classes online is better,  because we are more autonomous and I kind of feel like we are choosing our path, as the expression says “is like each one is making his own bed ; and also, if I go a day without working, there will be consequences for my future

   At the moment, this consequence would only be a fault, but in the future, when I would be already working and I would not have had this chance to see how this is and to be able to choose what to do.
     It would be the first time that I would have “my future in my hands” and I would risk it, which, a little later, would have consequences, that could cost my job.
      We can’t do a lot, but something we can do is to look towards the positive aspects,  because we can’t stop this moment,  but we can go through it,  not worrying, but being positive.
     So, in my opinion, this is an opportunity not just to learn, but when this will be finished, our atmosphere will be more clean than before.
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